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2012 Draft Thursday, June 28th: Raptors select Terence Ross

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  • Lets draft another PF.

    Everyone knows the raptors needs help at every position, while it would be easy to select a SF to fill our void,
    I'm here to make a case for selecting a PF, Jared Sullinger that is.

    Jared Sullinger - 6'9 weight in at 265lb according to, with an average of 17.4 pts/ 9.1 rbs/ 1.2 ast
    those stats compares favorably to Kevin Love while he's with the bruins. If the raptors draft Sully, he would bring a much needed post game to the raptors. As of right now, the raptors are a jump-shooting team with no real post-up threats: Amir and ED can't consistently provide interior scoring, Barg still prefers to play on the perimeter, and JV is still raw (according to most scout report). Sully's ability to operate from the post will instantly give raps another dimension they have not seen in a while.

    In addition to his post game, Sullinger brings with him a 265 lbs frame, now that might be more of a red flag than quality to some, but Sullinger uses that weight to his advantage, establishing position, boxing out, creating space...etc.

    I understand we have a plethora of PF on the Raps, but after this seasons performance, I don't think any of them have solidified themselves as part of our core going forward (beside Barg-judging from his pre-injury games). Amir is a good back-up, ED provides good rebounding+defensive but seems limited on the offensive side, very limited.
    As for what to do with our plethora of bigs, I would say trade them (*just throwing ideas out there.)
    I'm not sure what we can get for Amir (I think he's the heart of the team, so I wouldn't mind keeping him).
    Perhaps a package of DD+ ED can net us another lottery pick this year?

    I think a front court of JV, Barg and Sullinger would wreck havoc for the rest of the league, a front court with these players would have the length, the skill and the muscle to battle against any team's front court.


    • I am glad to hear royce white is declaring he will have a chip on his shoulder because he will probably not be a lottery pick even tho he should be.

      thomas robinson, anthony davis, perry jones, and royce white are the only game changers to me. maybe maurice harkless (6'8 SG from queens who stayed in NY and played at St. john's so you know he is tough), bradley beal (I think i agree with the ray allen comparion but he is only 6'5), terrance jones ( I still stand by my jamal mashburn comparion but i think he maybe a little less athletic, MKG (I am not sold at all on this kid but I will admit that I think he has a obsessive compulsive disorder that could drive him to another level)


      • i dont want anyone with two different sized legs. greg oden has two different sized legs and that is enough for me to rule sullinger out of any discussion. davis should be the only pf we look at unless its depth in the second round.


        • I would take Thomas Robinson over Jared Sullinger.


          • Matt52 wrote: View Post
            I would take Thomas Robinson over Jared Sullinger.
            (Sorry for poor English )


            • Matt52 wrote: View Post
              I've never considered Rivers to be a PG. I always thought he was a SG.

              I definitely agree he is over hyped. 12 shots a game for 15 points in college? 65% from FT? Poor passer? Undersized? Not a good defender? No thank you. His pedigree is much better than his game.
              Totally agree. At best, Rivers is a poor man's version of Fredette, who is destined to be out of the league in 2 years.


              • if bargs keeps playing so lazily and they move him im fine with taking a big provided Beal and MKG are off the board

                my big man big board goes something like this:
                Zeller (the younger one)


                • Today from Israel Gutierrez on

                  Who's the most intriguing prospect not in the Sweet 16?

                  Gutierrez: No guard in the tournament has a better NBA skill set than Austin Rivers . Don't care that he needs months in the weight room. Don't care that he's just 6-4. He's got a sick first step, he's a deadly shooter and, maybe it comes from his hoops pedigree, but he clearly wants to be a star. He'll be an effective NBA 2-guard for a long time.


                  • Note that he says Rivers will be an effective 2-Guard.


                    • Nilanka wrote: View Post
                      Totally agree. At best, Rivers is a poor man's version of Fredette, who is destined to be out of the league in 2 years.
                      um no your getting a bit carried away there. He has much more talent than fredette will ever have, he'll be a better O.J Mayo IMO.


                      • Draft Express posted an article this morning titled: Testing the NBA Draft Waters in 2012. I found it to be an excellent article in terms of understanding what tools early entry candidates have at their disposal to determine whether to enter the draft or not. Here is a section I found particularly interesting in regards to the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee:

                        Since the NCAA bars third parties (even family members) of college players from reaching out to NBA teams to discuss their draft stock and the NBA itself has strict no-contact rules regarding the way teams can communicate with players who are not officially draft-eligible (before the early-entry list is released in early May), the only way an underclassman can gather information about his draft stock is through his college head coach. Furthermore, the head coach is only allowed to talk with the principal basketball operations executive from each team (ie: the general manager), according to NBA rules, and the underclassman may not participate in or be present during any such conversation.

                        To help with this process, the NBA is again offering underclassmen the ability to get actual feedback from a group of executives representing 20 NBA teams selected by the League Office, and chaired by NBA Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Stu Jackson, called the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee"

                        According to a memo that was dispersed by the NBA to all college coaches (published below), the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee with deliver their evaluation “to the player and/or his college coach…on or before April 6th.”

                        According to NBA spokesman Tim Frank “once the committee does their analysis of the player, the draft projection is communicated to the player, coach, or anyone else who the player designates, such as family, in a phone call in which the draft projection is shared and the player (or others involved) can ask questions about the projection and the draft process.”

                        Frank also explained via email that “we instruct our Committee members to provide as narrow of a draft range as they can with confidence, and they are not limited to the lottery, first round, second round, not drafted framework and other more specific descriptors covering ranges are much more commonly used. We collect the projections from our Committee members and summarize this information to the players and others who they designate, and the draft projections and ranges obviously vary based upon the given prospect.
                        If you are wanting to read the whole article you can find it here:

                        The article goes on to talk about the difficulty in evaluating players properly with lack of private workouts, interviews, etc. The projected pick range will then not be entirely accurate, but could give players some information to go off of.

                        This may not be new information to some of you, but I found it very informative to get a closer look at what the process of declaring looks like from a players perspective.


                        • Dammit! Why does the Florida/Marquette game have to be a 10:17pm tipoff? Was hoping to catch another glimpse of our future shooting guard...


                          • Nilanka wrote: View Post
                            Dammit! Why does the Florida/Marquette game have to be a 10:17pm tipoff? Was hoping to catch another glimpse of our future shooting guard...
                            How do you think I feel being in Nova Scotia, that game tips off at 11:17pm here!
                            Twitter @WJ_FINDLAY


                            • Thanks for linking Shantz. I found this part very interesting:

                              Andrew Bynum for example was told by the advisory committee that he is a “late first round, early second round pick” according to a person involved in his decision, but ended up being drafted in the top-10. Kevin Martin was told that his projection was “late second round to undrafted,” but was eventually picked in the first round.

                              Private workouts conducted in June in front of coaching staffs can and will shift a player's draft stock dramatically in either direction, as can the results of the NBA combine, medical examinations, game film examinations and background intel sessions. Some underclassmen's stock will rise significantly—such as Tristan Thompson last year—and some will fall—such as Darius Morris or Josh Selby.

                              Looking at the dates, April 10 really means nothing. A player can always say I'm going back to school and then declare on April 29th.


                              • Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is declaring for the draft!!!!! Hooray!


                                Kentucky freshman forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will enter the 2012 NBA draft after the Wildcats' season ends, multiple sources told on Thursday.

                                "He hopes he'll be able to announce right after they win the NCAA championship," one source said. "But even if they don't win it all, he's coming. He knows he's going to be a top-5 pick. He can't pass that up."

                                Back in early March, Kidd-Gilchrist told reporters that he would forgo the lures of the draft and stay in school.

                                "I'm graduating here," he said then. "I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying at Kentucky."

                                The 6-foot-7 Kidd-Gilchrist is averaging 11.8 points and 7.6 rebounds in 31.3 minutes per game.

                                "He's the type of kid that you always want on your team," one NBA general manager said. "Coaches love him, his teammates love him and he does all the little things that matter on the court. He cares about winning and that's it. I doubt he ever looks at a box score."
                                Great news!