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Dominic McGuire has reached agreement on a deal with the Toronto Raptors

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  • Dominic McGuire has reached agreement on a deal with the Toronto Raptors

    Adrian WojnarowskiVerified
    Free agent forward Dominic McGuire has reached agreement on a deal with the Toronto Raptors, league sources tell Y! Sports.

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      Good tough defender another culture pickup

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        I don't like it. This guy is bad at almost everything an advanced stat sheet shows.(even his per 36 is pretty bad) and I can't imagine he'd be more of a locker room presence than magloire. There goes our 15th roster spot.


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          3rd stringer, nothing more, nothing less.


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            This is a little surprising.

            I wonder if the deal is guaranteed. I doubt it but I have no idea - just guessing.

            The Raps wings are looking like this (or something like it):

            DeRozan, Ross, Anderson
            Fields, Kleiza, McGuire

            He looks like another Casey player - minus the shooting - and another glue type player. Also another player who is a solid rebounder.

            McGuire, who played 64 of 66 games for Golden State a season ago, is still working out the details on a one- or two-year deal, sources said, but has committed to play for Toronto. He was scheduled to participate in a workout with the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday with free agent Josh Childress, but cancelled after agreeing to play for Toronto this season.

            McGuire gives the Raptors another athletic defender to come off the bench in the Eastern Conference this season.

            After getting picked in the second round of the 2008 draft by the Washington Wizards, McGuire, 26, played two-plus seasons there, before stops in Sacramento, Charlotte and Golden State.

            1 or 2 years is interesting. My guess is non-guaranteed *edit* for second year *edit* much like Forbes last year and JL3 this year. Obviously has to be for minimum as the Raps have nothing else to offer.

            According to he is above average compared to SF's in everything outside of scoring.

            I look at this signing much like JL3: not a big deal as they are not great players HOWEVER they are solid pick ups on your third string in case of injury or trade. My biggest concern is he has always played on really shitty teams.

            I can't see complaints on this signing although I know there will be. A gritty, defending, rebounding SF on a minimum contract. For those advocating for Magloire, it would appear Gray is the new Magloire and the Raps are set with JV and Gray at C with AB, Davis, and Amir capable of spot minutes.
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              Practice body like Acy, nothing more.


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                He had one or two good fantasy games for me like...two years ago. So I guess we could do worse for the money...


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                  Like the signing, though it is pretty insignificant. He is a decent backup if Kleiza or Fields were to go down (same way John Lucas is for Lowry and Calderon).

                  Any way we can pick Magloire up as a coach? Or is he sold on playing one last year?


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                    Some Warrior fans' perspective on the RealGM boards:

                    He's astoundingly good defensively. Went under the radar with us last year because we had such a sh*t season, but he was comparable to Udoh at times in terms of sheer defensive impact. And Udoh is a statisticians and defense-lovers wet dream.
                    He's a very rugged defender! Even shutdown Carmelo and sent his shot flying. Good to see that other teams fans don't really have a good view of other teams players. We would have loved to have him back. I'd gladly give u our 2nd rd pick Green for him. His first start of the yr he grabbed 15 rb
                    Warriors fan (and Raps fan) here. McGuirre is effing AWESOME. He can guard 4 positions... last year we had him on guys like Deron and Rose at clutch moments. He's still very incapable offensively, but he's an incredible specialist defender. We were super disappointed at losing him, but we didn't have space on our roster to keep him. He was starting for us at the end, which isn't saying much, but we were playing him above guys like Dorell Wright and even Brandon Rush.

                    Casey is going to fall in love with him. I guess he's kind of like James Johnson though.
                    Warriors fan insight here:

                    Dude is a damn good defender. That's what he was here, a hustle player that was put into rotations to shut down players 1 on 1 defensively. Kinda sucks how much you guys are making him seem out to be a horrible player without reasoning. He does the things that don't show up on the stat sheets. I remember one game, against the Nets, it was tied.. Nets had the last possession, clock winding down, and we put Dom on Deron Williams.. and as Deron went for the kill, D-Mac blocked the hell out of his shot.

                    He's a role-player. He's not gonna score a bunch, but everything else he does will have noticeable impact if he is utilized right. I'll miss this guy. Wish we could have resigned him. Great great great defender for how much he's paid. Defender, rebounder, hustle player. Every team needs that guy.
                    Sounds like a great guy to have in practice and someone you can put out there with a lead or when someone is going off.
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                      The Coach wrote: View Post
                      Some Warrior fans' perspective on the RealGM boards:

                      Sounds like a great guy to have in practice and someone you can put out there with a lead or when someone is going off.
                      I can expect to see him in uniform over Acy, Anderson, and Lucas. Only because out of the 4, he fits the mold perfectly of "Casey type player."

                      Not a signing to get excited about, but could be a guy that plays some spot minutes for us next season.
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                        Watched a couple of Warriors games last season, the commentators always spoke very highly of him and gave tons of compliments. He's a good hustle player, seen lots of those type of plays from him. His ability to guard four positions is also great.


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                          Wolstat on the signing

                          A few opinions in the reddit thread about the signing:

                          Warriors fan:

                          Happy this guy ended up on a roster. He was a warrior, in both team name and nature last year. He could defend all positions and shut down everyone.
                          You guys are gonna love this guy

                          Another Warriors fan reply: Yeah seriously! Always gives it all on the court. I still remember him destroying Chris Paul on defense last year when we played the Clippers. Sorry he had to go, but glad he's going somewhere!
                          Wizards fan:

                          He really began to blossom while he was on the Wizards a few years ago. Top notch defender and athlete, not a bad shooter, and most of all is a great leader and teammate.
                          Warriors fan reply to Raps fan saying we should have kept the 15th spot open:

                          Good for him! I wanted him to stay but I am glad someone is giving him a chance. He will shine! You really got a steal. You will take that back within the first 2 months.
                          Warriors fan reply to me when I said that I think he's a poor man's James Johnson:

                          Poor man's Luc Mbah a Moute is a more apt descripthion. This man can defend 1-5. Check out his work on Chris Paul last season. Quality player, we just had too many SFs and noncommitment to defense.
                          TORONTOOOOOO RAPTORSSSSSS


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                            From what i've read, i like his versatility on defense if he's really as good as the people say, he could instantly be one of the better defenders on our team. But he probably will be a liability on offence


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                              Doug Smith on the signing"

                              Raptors training camp is getting a bit crowded

                              Well, they should probably be done now.
                              Saw a tweet from Woj about the Raptors signing Dominic McGuire to a deal and it took about 15 minutes to get it confirmed.

                              The interesting part?

                              McGuire’s going to have at least a partial guarantee on his one-year contract, I’m told Jamaal Magloire’s going to have at least a partial guarantee on his deal and that brings to 16 the number of guys who are assured at least some money, regardless of whether they stick or not.

                              And since the rules only allow 15 players to be on the team at any one time, someone’s going to get some money to go away – either by being released or traded for some nominal future consideration like a protected second round draft pick.

                              But it’s not like these partially-guaranteed deals are worth very much – the total of them would be veteran minimums, I don’t have the exact figures but there’s no way the guarantees are worth very much at all.

                              One possibility would be that if Magloire doesn’t stick on the roster he moves into some other role with the franchise, somewhere in the front office or in player development, a move that’s been chatted about more than a few times.


                              Well, can’t imagine too many of you are too familiar with him.

                              He’s a 6-9 forward with limited offensive skills who is athletic and solid defender; he’s also a former second-round draft pick who is about to play for his fifth team in six seasons, having started in Washington before moving on to Sacramento, Charlotte and Golden State last season, where he started six games and played in all 66.

                              Not sure there’s a lot of upside there; maybe he blossoms, maybe he’s just a depth guy and protection against injury.

                              I believe the balance of power in the NBA is unchanged with this signing.

                              The guy who loses the most here is Chris Wright, who now comes to a camp with a team that has 16 players with some kind of guarantee on their deals.

                              Again, this is nothing to get all excited about, it’s just filling out the back end of the roster.

                              Are they done? I’d sure think so but I was told last week they might have interest in one other guy but now I would imagine that interest has waned.
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