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  • The NHL seems to be plugging along. Hope they name their hub cities soon.
    If they get it going again this summer I will watch but of all the sports this is the one that just doesn't seem to fit in August.
    I wouldn't be crushed if the NHL and NHLPA said for the tradition of the Stanley Cup grind they would not name a champion this year. I don't know how deep the pockets are of the owners but they could also just call it all off and reload in September.


    • RIP Dale

      Got into sports at a young age because of him. He was awesome. Was like being Lebronto'd having to play the Oilers in the early 80's but he always made those series fun and the team a joy to cheer for.

      Sad day in Winnipeg I'm sure.


      • The 2020 NHL Draft kicked off tonight with the first round.
        For transparency. I am an unvarnished unabashed Leafs fan. My fault not anyone elses.

        Doobie got us another kinda smallish high IQ winger. Rodion Amirov. Like we don't have enough to those. The kids is a talent for sure. You have to be go in the first round but .....
        He passed on a bigger (6'2" 205Lb) RH D from the WHL Braden Schnieder. The kid can skate and he will fill out to close to 215-20 before he plays in 3 years. Hes not Seth Jones... but damn hes not Martin Marincin either.
        I hope Doobie is right.. but this one I think bites us in the ass.
        The Leafs.. though they won't admit it...miss the uber bird dog talent evaluator Mark Hunter. A lot.