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Ways to Unload Turkoglu

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  • Ways to Unload Turkoglu

    How about incuding Turk in the S&T for Bosh? Here's my take:

    We do a 3-Team trade with the Rockets and the Sixers and unload both Calderon and Turkoglu's contracts.

    To Houston:
    - Chris Bosh (16.8M next year)
    - Jose Calderon (9M next year)

    To Philadelphia:
    - Hedo Turkoglu (9.8M next year)
    - Jared Jeffries (6.8M next year-expiring)
    - Marcus Banks (4.8M next year-expiring)

    To Toronto:
    - Aaron Brooks (2M next year)
    - Evan Turner (about 4-5M on his rookie-scale contract-if he goes 2nd)
    - Shane Battier (7.3M next year)
    - Jordan Hill (2.6M next year)
    - Elton Brand (16M next year)
    - Future 2nd Round Picks/Cash Considerations

    Couple of things to think about from this trade:

    - Houston gets Bosh(whom they really want), also stated that the Rockets are okay with parting with Brooks if it's in exchange for Bosh, they'll also get Calderon either as a starter or a backup. They'll also have to use their Trade Exception which is about 4.7M because Bosh and Calderon together will be about 25.8M, and the players' salaries that they're shipping out has a total of about 21M, and so they have to use their Trade Exception to make the salaries match.

    - Philadelphia has said many times that they need a "pure" point guard. But why would they get one if they already have Lou Williams and Jrue Holiday? Even though both of them are more of a "combo guard", having Turkoglu on their team means Turk can be their facilitator or point-forward, which he did not get a chance to do in Toronto. They can also unload Elton Brand's MASSIVE contract, but they're going to have to give their 2nd pick as a payment!

    - Toronto gets Aaron Brooks, who can be a franchise player in the future, Shane Battier who is a very good defender and a great presence in the locker room, Jordan Hill who is a young talent and can certainly improve as he gains more experience, Evan Turner who can also be a future franchise player and can be a great complement with Brooks, and Elton Brand who has a BAD MASSIVE contract but at least he has a shorter contract than Turkoglu, right?

    This can leave us with a line-up of:
    PG- Aaron Brooks, Jarret Jack
    SG- Evan Turner, Sonny Weems, Marco Bellineli
    SF- Shane Battier, Demar DeRozan
    PF- Elton Brand, Jordan Hill, Reggie Evans
    C- Andrea Bargnani, Ekpe Udoh/Daniel Orton/Hassan Whiteside

    *I left Amir out of the lineup because I am assuming he isn't going to come back if we already have Jordan Hill and if we pick a big man at 13th.*

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    dumb post

    Bosh is not going to Houston!
    He does not want to play near home!!!!
    dont you know that??????


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      There are several possibilities: Min has no reliable forwards thats one, The nets are also in the same situation, they are in dire need of one. New York needs players, Miami as well and finally LAC they are looking for a 3 man.


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        I think I saw it in another thread, but if the Raps can swing a Calderon/Hedo for Arenas/filler deal (think Quinton Ross or someone like that), I wouldn't have a problem with that. It's certainly a gamble, but I don't think it would make anything worse.

        This move, a Bosh S&T where they get over 50 cents on the dollar, resign Amir Johnson and have a good draft, and things will look really interesting next year.

        They might lose 50 games, but it will be interesting - and there would be hope for the future.

        Oh - and why does everyone think Philly is dying to take the Raps' bad contracts? NOT GONNA HAPPEN.
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          The trade does not work for Philly, and I don't think Houston wants Jose. Philly wants to *completey* dump Brand's contract, or get back a player of greater talent but similar contract. Hedo Turkoglu comes with way too much baggage for his similar contract, and doesn't fit Doug Collins' run and gun style he wants to implement.


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            I think you forgot about the option of unloading him off a moving van into oncoming traffic...


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              Possible teams who would CONSIDER a trade for Hedo

              In no particular order:
              1. Orlando- They have a few backup bigs they could move one or both of Bass and Gortat
              2. Dallas- Back for Marion as he did not impress them too much
              3. LA Clippers - in a sign and trade for Travis Outlaw or for Gooden
              4. T-Wolves - (if they draft Cousins) for Jefferson and we give them our 13th pick as well (I am dreaming I know)
              5. LA lakers - for Artest if he goes mental and costs them the finals
              6. Miami - for Beasley and Joel Anthony in a sign and trade
              7. New Jersey - for Yi and Hump
              8. New york for ??????? David Lee sign and trade ( I am dreaming again)
              9. Portland for Pryzabilla and or Webster
              10. Atlanta for Marvin Williams (possible if JOhnson leaves Crawford moves too the starting 2guard and Hedo gets the SF spot
              11. buy out and he goes to Europe
              12. Sacremento for Nocioni
              13 San Antono for Jefferson Raps would have to throw in filler of first rounder
              14. Detriot for Rip or dare I say Charlie V
              15 Washington with Jose for Arenas
              16 Milwauke for Delfino and Gadzuric
              17 Golden State for Biedrins or maybe Magette maybe bluckbuster
              18 Phily for Brand and Lou Williams with Jose (bad trade for Raps)
              So again some of these are very far fetched but you never know some people think Hedo had a bad season and could return to his magic form ( I don't) but lets move his ass....

              My choice would be some dumb Euro team gives him 40 million and he just quits here and we get to use his money for cap space but that's less then 1% chance of happening

              Fuck You Hedo!!!!


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                Problem is these huge trades would never actually happen in real life.

                BTW, love the idea Arse, but how about sending him to the world cup in South Africa?


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                  It only takes one....


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                    Lets all just hope that some Turkish team decides they want the Turkish Jordan and offer him a contract.
                    "Don't expect anything unless you give everything."


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                      Orlando might consider hearing out BC in a possible Turkoglu to Magic scenario. They really missed Turkoglu's presence and they have a few pieces that will fit in Toronto like Gortat/Bass and Pietrus.


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                        Once the big named free agents are signed up that would leave teams like New York, Miami, New Jersey a lot of cap space. At least a few of these teams won't be able to get anything. Thus we can unload Turk and his contract to them for a mere trade exception and some cash, kinda like what the Magic did last summer.

                        I'm still hoping there's a way we could keep CB, get Joe Johnson, and get rid of Turk for some rebounding and D.


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                          I doubt that even if the big name FAs are gone, teams like New York who even though have a HUGE cap space, but will likely struggle to land big name FA, will even consider taking a bad contract and a whiner like Hedo Turkoglu for the sake of acquiring a big name player.


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                            I'm feeling this is the most plausible and best way to unload Hedo Turkoglu:

                            Toronto Trades: Chris Bosh, Hedo Turkoglu
                            Miami Trades: Michael Beasley, #18 2010 pick, #41 2010 pick (via NO), our future first rounder

                            Toronto receives 2 additional picks for this years draft, they undo the pick they sent in the Marion deal, and we get a pretty big-ass trade exception.

                            With 2 first round picks for this draft the Raptors could fill their new hole at SF (Paul George?) and pick up a project big (Daniel Orton, Larry Sanders). So assuming a resigned Amir Johnson:

                            PG: Jose/Jack/Banks
                            SG: DeRozan/Belinelli
                            SF: Weems/(Draft Pick - Paul George?)
                            PF: Amir Johnson/Michael Beasley/Reggie Evans
                            C: Andrea Bargnani/(Draft Pick - Daniel Orton?)

                            We're set up for rebuilding with our only bad contract being Jose's (and some may say Bargs'). There's seven young guns on that team so lots of room for potential growth, and likely another lottery pick for 2011.


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                              I wonder if BC could have a sit down with Turks and Orlando.

                              BC buys out Turks for the difference between the $44 million owed him and the full MLE.

                              Orlando signs Turks for the full MLE.

                              TOR trades Banks to ORL for Bass.

                              Turks goes back to what he knows - Orlando gets their play-making point-forward back (at a good price) - Toronto dumps Turks for a reasonable buy-out - Orlando dumps a guy on the roster they can't/won't use - Toronto gets PF they may be able to use