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  • inthepaint
    Bulls are going to be good this year unfortunately. Some questions on defence there for sure, but they got no shortage of guys who can actually put the ball in the hoop in bunches. They will start:

    Lonzo Ball
    Lavine (20ppg All-star caliber)
    Derozan 20ppg, All-star caliber)
    Patrick Williams (4th overall pick in 2020, shooting 39% from 3 on rookie year)
    Vucevic (also 20ppg, all-star caliber)

    Then off the bench Markkanen and Coby White, both 15ppg guys, no one shorter than 6'5" out of their main 7 man rotation

    Indy will be a tough out too with the Turner/Sabonis/Brogdon trio. They also got Brissett who may have been just a flash in the pan last year, but it's 6'7" good passer and quick, that shot 42% from 3 last year. Ironically he would be an absolute perfect fit with what we're trying to do this year

    Hawks, Celtics, Heat and Knicks won't be cupcakes either. Washignton and Charlotte are always messy though, so we should be able to stay ahead of them (and Cavs Pistons and Magic will probably be flat out tanking bright and early).

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  • Demographic Shift
    inthepaint wrote: View Post

    I anticipate them to be around .500 this year (~41-41). In the East that's probably playoffs, but if they're in that "play-in tournament zone" I'd rather they pull back again for another high pick and come in stronger the year after. Their vision is 2-3 years from now, this should be an adjustment year (first year without Lowry, lots of new faces etc)), so I'm okay with that.
    I think they make it as well...but its not going to be easy.

    Good Things about the Raps: Defense, Coaching, Speed , Spacing, at least league average or better 3 point shooting.
    Not so Good things about the Raps. Rebounding, Half Court Offense

    The best guess power rankings as of right now.

    Tier 1. The Big Dogs. Nets Bucks
    Tier 2..Yeah but.. Prove It. . Philly Miami
    Tier 3...They're Here Now. but still need something. Atlanta Boston Knicks
    Tier 4...Trying to get to Tier 3. Raps Bulls, Charlotte ,Indy, Whiz
    Tier 5.. Selling Hope and the Future for another year .. Cavs, Pistons, Magic

    Can the Raps beat out one of the Tier 4 guys to get in YES

    or do one of the Knicks, Hawks and Celtics shit the bed.... YES

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  • Primer
    slaw wrote: View Post

    He is? I would not assume that.
    Yeah, 100% for sure he is the backup PG. The only other option would be Dragic who is gonna be the backup SG and may not even be on the team for the full season. Did you watch the Masai presser? He says the team is all about developing our young guys, he's not gonna stifle the development of Flynn to give Dragic 35+ minutes a night.

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  • Primer
    Screw the pessimistic takes. We're easily a playoff team, not a play-in team. We were really good without Lowry last year, and we greatly upgraded the rest of the roster. The center rotation is infinitely better and the bench is way better. Full season of Trent and Birch in the starting lineup will make a big difference, and the quality not falling off a cliff when we bring in bench guys will make a huge positive difference also. I think we're a 50 win team.

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  • Yuri Gagarin
    i cant stop thinking of how good this team would be with myles turner. Our perimeter d with him anchoring would be off the charts good

    but this team i think will have a new energy and be competitive. Fred needs to shoot well from deep. I think masai will make a good mid season adjustment and we’ll avoid play-in and get 6th.

    “Optimists have more fun”

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