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    This dude had the GROAT on his team last year. Instead of studying or adding a Kawhi Leonard in between game he's going to add a DeRozan shake and fadeaway? that sure is going to win you a lot of playoff games.
    He's got a pull up 3, off the dribble 3, spin move, floater, and he can get to the rim almost at will. Add a midrange shot (preferably not a fadeaway but he seems to be leaning into that, pun not really intended) and he becomes nearly unguardable. Obviously, all those shots I listed are at various levels of work in progress, but they are there and with time on the floor they will improve. The midrange shot will be one we have to watch for.

    Also, if Demar could shoot and defend like Pascal, his midrange shot would be a lot more useful.


    • DD’s fade-away, at Pascal’s size, looks a lot more like Kawhi’s. And even Demar’s gets him to the line.


      • I see no problem with him wanting to develop a Demar fadeaway. The problem with Demar and his fadeaway was he didn't have the 3 point shot to mix in with it and he played no defence. Pascal does both of those things. The midrange fadeaway will just make him almost unguardable. Maybe fadeaway isn't the greatest. A more balanced midrange shot would be better but at his height and position as someone already said it would make it a lot more effective than Demar's.
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        • Pascal Siakam All 72 Spin Moves Full Highlights (2019-20 Spinilation)
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          • MixxAOR wrote: View Post

            Pascal Siakam All 72 Spin Moves Full Highlights (2019-20 Spinilation)
            You can tell which highlights are after the all-star break as he started screaming under the basket much more often.
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