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What should they rename Air Canada Centre Too?

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    just rename it skydome


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      tbihis wrote: View Post
      Bubbles Dome.
      it would be a crime for them not to play the kitty rap during EVERY time out


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        Chiquita Banana Palace

        “The saving of our world from pending doom will come, not through the complacent adjustment of the conforming majority, but through the creative maladjustment of a nonconforming minority.” - Martin Luther King


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          Big Momma's House


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            Like A Bosh Arena
            If Your Uncle Jack Helped You Off An Elephant, Would You Help Your Uncle Jack Off An Elephant?

            Sometimes, I like to buy a book on CD and listen to it, while reading music.


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              e2thed wrote: View Post
              If u watch closely u can see it in his face that the food doesnt taste good. That chef didnt cook shit, it was pasta and sauce thats it.
              That's true, that chef clearly didn't go to culinary school. he should treat our boys better than that.


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                Multipaul wrote: View Post
                That's true, that chef clearly didn't go to culinary school. he should treat our boys better than that.
                ya, btw your profile pic scares me.


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                  Considering how MLSE is able to rake in boatloads of cash from loyal fans while serving up inferior product, I would go with:

                  Chupa Chups House of Suckers

                  From Wikipedia:

                  ....The name of the brand comes from the Spanish verb chupar, meaning "to suck."


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                    joey_hesketh wrote: View Post

                    CashMan Place!
                    You missed a vowel, it would be called CashMan Palace!!!

                    Not sure if Scotiabank would be interested as they already have the Scotiabank Place here in Ottawa. BMO might be interested because of their association with TFC?
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