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RR NBA Dynasty League Thread (S8)

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  • Mack North wrote: View Post
    Everyone staying home and staying healthy? I just started work-from-home today, it's pretty lax

    I can't see the NBA season continuing after all this is said and done... it's not going to slow down anytime soon.

    Will this create confusion for contracts? Do they all expire as normal once the season is officially done or cancelled?
    I started working from home today too. Friday I was working out the kinks but its all good now. I don't have much to do though. I got EA Access for a month to play Madden 20. I'm just about to kick off the 2020 season. It's the only sports in my how now besides a little 2k.

    I think contracts should follow the NBA. If they have a draft and free agency then we should too.


    • 007 wrote: View Post
      Yeah, with the way North America has handled the situation so far, there's no way the NBA is coming back in the next couple months. Just have to focus on getting next season up and running at the normal time I guess
      Plus they're saying there likely will be a second wave in the fall. This might mess with our league and more importantly, our lives then as well...


      • i have the same feeling. Adam won't want an extended playoffs to set precedent for a shorter season next season. he's also pretty progressive and will likely just cancel this whole playoffs kind of like a strike year. i would assume we just roll forward like most other years which sucks for other owners like me who made all in moves, but it is what it is.
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